About the Faculty

The Faculty of Computer Science, Electronics and Telecommunications, with its outstanding research and teaching staff, conducts high-level scientific research and education in electronics, telecommunications, information and communication technologies and cybersecurity.

Being one of the biggest units of the AGH University of Krakow, the Faculty of Computer Science, Electronics and Telecommunications (FCSET) is best recognizable both in Poland and abroad.

As a result of the evaluation of scientific and research and development activity the disciplines of science practiced at the Faculty were awarded category A.

The Faculty has four distinctive grades awarded in 2019 by the Polish Accreditation Committee for the study line programmes: Computer Science, Information and Communication Technologies , Electronics, Electronics and Telecommunications. This evaluation seems to best confirm the unique character and strong scientific and teaching position of our Faculty.

Faculty characteristics

The research and teaching staff consists of 13 professors, 26 associate professors, 57 assistant professors and 25 assistants. On the whole, the Faculty employs 121 staff members – people who actively develop their research passion and are keen to share their knowledge.

The Faculty of Computer Science, Electronics and Telecommunications has a high rank on the international scale with the priority given to teaching, as well as basic and applied research.

Since its establishment in 2012, FCSET has been expanding, improving and diversifying its teaching offer to 5 study lines relating to the scientific disciplines: „Information and Communication Technology” and „Automation, Electronic, Electrical Engineering and Space Technologies”.

The Faculty offers elite study lines in: „Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)”, „Electronics”, „Electronics and Telecommunications” (the course is also conducted in English), „Cybersecurity” and the interfaculty course in „Modern Technologies in Forensic Science”.

Study lines were created to meet the demand of business and public administration for new types of professionals.

Faculty Community

The Faculty community consists of students, research and teaching staff, as well as technical and administrative personnel. What distinguishes these people is their dynamism, curiosity of the new, and ability to work in a team. These qualities are the source of scientific and didactic potential. Our employees are an exceptional community, active in the area of modern information technologies.

Research Potential

The Faculty, with its organizational potential and laboratory background, can undertake basic and applied research, including industrial R&D work for the needs of companies, state institutions and services responsible for national security and order.

The Faculty participates in own or joint projects requiring strong support as far as project planning and execution are concerned. FCSET efficiently incorporates best practices of managing large and complex projects.

In 2023, the Faculty of Computer Science, Electronics and Telecommunications is carrying 40 projects, in that: 25 projects founded by state agencies, 11 international projects, 4 Horizon 2020 projects.

The employee activity index is 0.3 projects/person.

The main source of founding research activities are: The National Centre for Research and Development (NCBiR), the National Science Centre (NCN), and Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA). EU funds are received through the EU Funds for Modern Economy (FENG) Programme.

FCSET is proud of being part of the „Excellence Initiative – Research University”, a 5-year programme aiming to develop the potential for effective competition with the best academic centres in Europe and around the world, and thus strengthen the international position and recognition of AGH University. See Research Excellence.

The aggregated scientific output for AGH is available athttps://badap.agh.edu.pl/statystyki/ogolna and https://badap.agh.edu.pl/statystyki/wos

The statistical data concering publications in Poland and abroad: https://badap.agh.edu.pl/statystyki/wspolpraca_zagraniczna

Faculty priority

The Faculty of Computer Science, Electronics and Telecommunications is part of AGH University of Krakow – an institution established to develop science and to educate. It strives for the development of students and the research- and didactic staff, who realize both these tasks with passion and following the principle of freedom of teaching and conveying the truth.

FCSET promotes such qualities as professional responsibility, academic excellence and citizenship – all they reflected in the behavior of the Faculty staff and students. By nurturing the development of the staff and students, the Faculty contributes to science, economy and society.